Myrmecia pilosula (Jumping Jacks)

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Myrmecia pilosula (Jumping Jacks)


Myrmecia pilosula Queens and workers.

Myrmecia pilosula queen ants and are commonly known as Jumping Jacks. This is due to when startled or threatened they jump around as a defense mechanism.

The vision of these ants are incredible. and they will often follow you across the room.

All Myrmecia species are ideally kept by advanced ant keepers due to their powerful sting and the slow development of eggs to workers. The development is not always a  strict rule, however patience and cautiousness is required during their care. This is especially the case during feedings and during the cleaning of their outworlds.

They are a semi claustral ant and will need regular feeding whilst raising their first workers. During this time our queens enjoy raw honey, maple syrup, fruits and protein by way of cricket legs. Due to their size and aggression, we highly recommend the use of a test tube and outworld combination from the outset. This allows ease of feeding, cleanup and also a protected area for the queen to care for her brood.

Queen about 2omm and workers about 15mm.

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